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This category shows all the LoveIt Made-to-Order Dress styles that are available with sleeves. Many women don’t realize that the wrong sleeve length can make them look older and/or bigger than they are. LoveIt Dresses with Sleeves are shown online with the optimal sleeve length for that particular style. Don’t hesitate to contact LoveIt Customer Service if you require a sleeve length that isn’t shown online.

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Dresses with Sleeves

  • A-Line Jersey Wrap Dress with Sleeves WR-1-D-D-PJ

    $ 1,700

    This wrap dress style features a side buckle and 3/4 sleeve and is perfect for women who want tummy/hip/butt and thigh coverage without being frumpy. It’s also a great shoulder softening option for women with shoulders that are broader than their hips. This dress looks stunning in all sizes and is beautiful in floral and geo prints. Women who are conscious of bottom half curves will find that prints provide extra visual coverage that solid colors can’t achieve without shapewear. This style is in wash and wear silky stretch jersey, making it a lovely option for all occasions. 

  • Boat Neck A-Line Dress with Sleeves BN-28-D-D-CJ

    $ 1,700

    This A-line Boat Neck Dress with 3/4 sleeves is gently contoured across the bust before gently floating across your bottom half curves. The wide boat neckline is slimming for the upper arms and across the bust. This style comes with a matching detachable belt. Create a more sophisticated look with a contrast thin belt.

  • Boat Neck Peplum Dress with Sleeves BN-24-D-D-PJ

    $ 1,800

    This peplum dress with 3/4 sleeves is the ultimate in flexibility for women of all sizes. This dress is perfect for slimming your upper torso, hiding your tummy from all angles without making you look pregnant, and it slims the thighs. And if that’s not enough, you can wear this dress in three different ways. Start your day wearing it the conventional way, twist the peplum up into a knot for an easy transition to dinner or cocktails, and fold the skirt up under the peplum for a seamless transition into a top that you can wear with skirts, jeans or shorts. This style can literally take you from the beach to the boardroom or off to a wedding, christening or date night. In silky wash and wear knit jersey, it’s as comfy to wear as it is fabulous to look at. 

  • Boat Neck Stretch Jersey Pencil Dress BN-35-A-D-PJ

    $ 1,850

    Imagine a pencil dress that looks great AND is super comfortable. This pencil dress is fully lined with plush cotton jersey making it perfect for business women or women who want simple, classic elegance. This style features a cap sleeve and easy access zipper. It’s a style that looks great in all sizes, including plus-sizes. This pencil dress pairs perfectly with LoveIt long slimline cardi-coat. 

    Options: Bold prints are perfect for women who want more ‘visual’ coverage for their curves. That said, you can never go past a pencil dress in staple black or navy. Click here for block color options.

  • Boat Neck Stretch Jersey Pencil Dress BN-35-A-S-PJ

    $ 1,800

    Imagine a pencil dress that looks great AND is super comfortable. This pencil dress is fully lined with plush cotton jersey making it perfect for business women or women who want simple, classic elegance. This style features a cap sleeve and easy access zipper. Create endless variations with thin belts and long slimline cardi-coats.

    Options: Block colors, especially navy and black, will give you simple, classic elegance. If you love the idea of a pencil dress but are afraid of showing your lumps and bumps, start with a bold print instead. Bold prints are great for additional visual smoothing over your tummy, hips, butt, & thighs. Click here for print color options.

  • Button Down Shirt Dress FVN-6-D-S-PJ

    $ 1,750

    LoveIt’s signature button-down shirt dress in stretch jersey is perfectly sophisticated AND comfortable to wear. This style suits women with a small to full bust and relatively slim hips. This dress features stunning button detail giving you unsurpassed style. Wear on its own or add a thin belt to vary your look.

  • Loose Dress with Sleeve DR-39-A-D-PJ

    $ 1,700

    360 View IconShown in FT910 Size 36 Model 5’7;  360 View IconShown in FT810 Size 40 Model 5’7 LoveIt’s loose fit dress in ‘wash and wear’ soft poly jersey features a soft v neckline, loose sleeve, and light waist gathering. This style is lovely in all sizes, including plus-sizes, and is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Choose a floral print for romantic days or a geo print for something cheeky and fun. 

    Check LoveIt Site for items immediately available

  • LoveIt Empire Dress with Band BN-59-B-D-CJ

    $ 1,700

    360 View Icon 360 View on Size 42; Height 170cm

    LoveIt’s Empire Shift Dress with Cap Sleeve and Contrast Band is an easy about-town dress that can be dressed up or down. This shift dress style is a loose fit around the tummy, hips, and thighs and looks stunning in all sizes, including plus-sizes. This style is a combination of a cotton jersey knit and a plush cotton jersey skirt. This empire dress is also available without the contrast bottom band. Pair this dress with trainers, ballets or wedges.

    Click here to check which sizes in this style are available for immediate shipping

  • LoveIt Tie Wrap Dress WR-13-D-D-PJ

    $ 1,700


     360 View Icon360 View on Model Size 36; Height 170cm

    LoveIt’s silky stretch jersey Tie Wrap Dress with 3/4 sleeves and a straight skirt is an ideal style for women with a pear, soft hourglass or straight shape. It’s a beautiful style in all sizes, including plus-sizes. Pair with tennis shoes/ballets for about town and with wedges, sandals or boots for work. Silky stretch jersey is ‘wash and wear’ making this dress ideal for frequent flyers. 

    NB: There is a petite version of this style available for women under 5’2

  • Off-Shoulder A-line Dress BN-52-D-D-CJ

    $ 1,700

    This beautiful A-line dress in soft plush cotton jersey features a wide boat neckline that can be worn off-shoulder for evening or capping the shoulders for day. Beautiful in all sizes, this dress comes with a contrast band. Pair with boots, strappy heels or ballets.

  • Panel Pencil Dress with Sleeves DR-11-B-S-PJ

    $ 1,950

    This tailored dress features a deep round neckline and cap sleeves. The deep round neckline and cap sleeves will slim your upper body and make the back of your arms look slimmer too. This is a great style for women who want to bust minimize and/or look smaller in the upper body. This dress also features a wide waistband and front panel pencil skirt. The front panels give extra coverage across the thighs and hips creating a lovely smooth line for your bottom half curves. This dress, in wash and wear stretch jersey, also features an easy access zipper and is fully lined in plush cotton jersey making it the perfect combination of sophisticated style and comfort. While this dress looks stunning in all colors, women looking for an effortless classic can’t go wrong with navy or black. This style looks beautiful in all sizes and is a lovely option for women who prefer dresses with sleeves. 

  • Ponte Wrap Dress with Sleeves WR-9-D-S-P

    $ 1,850

    This classic wrap dress style in stretch ponte fabric features a side zipper and feature buckle and is double layered across the tummy. This style is gently contoured to the body, the upward sweep of fabric across the tummy makes this a great tummy slimming style. Choose luxurious ponte fabric in a solid color for an ultra sleek tailored look – perfect for more formal occasions. This dress is stunning in all sizes. 

    Note: See this style on TV