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There is nothing worse than suffering from Thigh Chafing, particularly in warm, humid conditions. Women who suffer from Thigh Chafing generally have fuller hips, thighs and butts and soft, rounded bellies. If this sounds like you, you are not alone and you don’t have to suffer in silence. This category contains products that eliminate thigh chafe and also give you a comfortable alternative to wearing control briefs.

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Anti-Thigh Chafing

  • Anti Thigh Chafing Knickers KN-1-A-S-CJ

    $ 180

    If you suffer from thigh chafing, especially in the hot summer months, these knickers will save you. In plush cotton jersey, they are breathable and will feel like a second skin. These knickers are the ultimate no VPL briefs that are perfect if you want to wear more contoured styles but find normal shapewear too restrictive – the result is uninterrupted curves from bust to mid-thigh without the muffin top or mid-thigh ridge.